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Want to create a home network to share devices like printers and routers with your PCs? Or need assistance to manage your company’s
servers and end computing devices? Help from 4G Data tech experts for networking is just a phone call away.

4G Data technicians can install your router and configure its settings for Internet and printer sharing across computers.

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Connect to the Internet

Whether you need assistance to access the Internet or customize browser settings, our technicians are always there to help you.

Troubleshoot Network Connectivity Issues

Don’t let network errors affect your work – whether at home or office. Call 4G Data now to get instant tech support.

Remote Network Monitoring

4G Data tech experts monitor your company’s network including servers and end computing devices to ensure the best performance.

Wireless Infrastructure

As BYOD becomes a way of life, not just in business environments but in facilities like schools, hospitals and even government buildings, wireless networks must be-designed to accommodate significant increases in the amount of traffic generated . In high density environments, the demands on throughput are often exacerbated by users carrying two or three devices using multiple applications that consume network resources simultaneously. The key to a successful wireless deployment is first understanding whether your environment is coverage or capacity based. 4G Data will assess the parameters based on the deployment scenario, following the design recommendations outlined by 4G Data should ensure sufficient bandwidth capacity to deliver a positive experience for end users.