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One of the critical things businesses must do in today’s economy is focus their strategic resources in efforts that differentiate their businesses from their competition. This has led many to seek out an IT partner to help them with day-to-day management of their IT infrastructure. This allows them to have their IT leadership focused on initiatives that make a difference to their customers and their topline growth.
4G Data Solutions has all the data center solutions your business needs, plus the technical expertise and support you won’t find anywhere else. 4G Data Managed Services provides many benefits, designed to free you from the necessary but time-consuming chores of monitoring and managing your IT infrastructure.

  • Comprehensive geographic coverage.
  • Reduced risk.
  • Increased focus on the core business.
  • Flexible coverage plans.
  • Access to enhanced skills base.
  • Access to the latest technology.
  • Ability to adapt to changing business conditions.
  • Predictable costs.
  • Disaster Recovery.

Making sure your mission-critical information systems are always available
If you’re in business today, then you rely on your IT infrastructure to get the job done. In fact, without it, most businesses would be out of business. Which begs the question, have you thought about what you’ll do to ensure access to your data and information systems if the unthinkable were to happen?
Natural disasters, equipment failures and error-induced process interruptions are now accompanied by threats originating from malicious intent and overloads on the global infrastructure. These threats to infrastructure stability, together with competitive pressures and market demands, have emphasized the need for effective and thorough disaster recovery planning. Because, in most cases, when the information flow stops, so does business. Yet, many companies find themselves coming up short in Disaster Recovery (DR) planning despite their increased dependence on IT systems.


Every business is unique and has its own needs when it comes to Disaster Recovery. That’s why 4G Data will work with you to develop a customized Disaster Recovery Plan based on your business and its unique needs. Many factors can influence the scope of a disaster recovery solution. Business hours, availability needs, e-commerce strategies, data criticality, regulatory implications and many other issues must be considered during the assessment and recommendation process. Based on these needs, 4G Data can offer you a range of solutions including everything from Colocation with Managed Services, to Private Cloud services through to Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). 4G Data also has disaster recovery specialists dedicated to helping you protect your Microsoft Dynamics AX or Oracle applications.


4G Data offers an alternative to investing in your own data center and operations facilities to create your Disaster Recovery site. Instead of building and staffing a data center, you can use 4G Data mission-critical facilities to lower your operating expenses, reduce capital expenditures and shorten the time it takes to accomplish your Disaster Recovery goals.
Then let 4G Data Managed Services offerings remove the burden of monitoring and managing your Disaster Recovery infrastructure to give you increased reliability, reduced risk and more time to focus on your core strategic issues.


In the past, disaster recovery plans were time consuming to create and expensive to execute. Adding to the financial sting, traditional Disaster Recovery also meant a lot of wasted server and network infrastructure resources sitting idle until needed. By providing rapid access to dynamically scalable and virtualized IT resources, companies can be more responsive to potential disruptions and data loss. Cloud computing can provide a higher-quality, more efficient infrastructure while simultaneously providing significant cost savings. Whether your existing production infrastructure is physical, virtual or in the cloud today, a cloud solution could be an excellent way to execute your organization’s disaster recovery requirements. Thanks to the advent of cloud computing, there’s a whole new platform for disaster recovery.

Setup & Install
Setup & Install

Computer setup and installation including hardware, software, or other peripherals can be time-consuming and frustrating. 4G Data can help you eliminate this pain and frustration!If you need help installing or setting up hardware, software on your computer? 4G Data technicians can help you install software for your new printer, scanner, digital camera, and other devices. Our on-site or remote computer techs can assist you with installing programs you might have, including anti-virus software and security applications, in addition to the most recent Microsoft or Apple operating system updates

Computer Setup and Installation Service includes:
  • Setup assistance with printers, scanners, and other peripherals
  • Installation and assistance with software applications and suites
  • Setup and configuration of high-speed Internet connection
  • The latest security updates and malware protection
  • Wireless network setup, configuration, and security

Get expert help for your home or business network. Call toll free 1-844-SAFE-PCS now!
Want to create a home network to share devices like printers and routers with your PCs? Or need assistance to manage your company’s
servers and end computing devices? Help from 4G Data tech experts for networking is just a phone call away.

Setup and Install Home Networks

4G Data technicians can install your router and configure its settings for Internet and printer sharing across computers.

Connect to the Internet

Whether you need assistance to access the Internet or customize browser settings, our technicians are always there to help you.

Troubleshoot Network Connectivity Issues

Don’t let network errors affect your work – whether at home or office. Call 4G Data now to get instant tech support.

Remote Network Monitoring

4G Data tech experts monitor your company’s network including servers and end computing devices to ensure the best performance.


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Whether you’re adding new workstations to your network or simply upgrading your operating system, your computer needs are constantly evolving. 4G Data specialist handles all these tasks and more, keeping your computers and network up to date and running smoothly. A 4G professional knows how to correctly add or remove users from your network, rearrange hubs for better data flow, detect and eliminate viruses from your system, and safely upgrade your operating system without losing data. He or she can also advise on how to take advantage of the latest technology, and can even reuse your existing equipment in new ways that give it a longer life. Although your computers are part of your business’s lifeblood, hiring a full-time IT expert often isn’t the best solution, especially if you don’t need work done on your computers and network every day. In fact, if your network is properly set up by a 4G professional in the first place, you might go weeks or months without needing any service at all. The key is to get things done right when you need them done, but without the high cost of a full time IT staff.

This is where IT outsourcing becomes the sensible solution for both your business and your budget. Hiring an outside service on an as-needed basis gives you control over costs while maintaining a high standard of efficiency and quality in your network. Whether it’s computer upgrades and repair, network installation and maintenance, or point of sale installation, hiring an outside service means you get an experienced expert dedicated to working on exactly what you need, when you need it, at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

With 4G Data, you can plan upgrades and installations around your budget on an as-needed basis. Looking to expand your business? Take the guesswork out of your IT costs with a quote on the services you’ll need. Time to upgrade your existing computers with larger hard drives or the latest operating system? Or maybe your network has inexplicably slowed down when you added a few users or rearranged office space. With IT outsourcing, you can bring in a specialist to deal with issues specific to your business and office setup, but only when you need these services.

Skip the high costs of an in-house IT team and reap the benefits of expert service on demand with our IT outsourcing options